Onurfix offers its valuable customers the rail solutions you need with its wide range of telescopic rail options. Thanks to its ball bearings, it reduces friction and provides a more comfortable operation. Telescopic rails have the ability to hold the drawer in its slot, preventing the drawer from dislodging and falling even when pulled completely. Telescopic rail models are available in different sectors such as railway, logistics, industry, medicine, packaging, automotive, furniture. Thanks to its user-friendly design, telescopic rails allow the use of transport units in a longer direction. High load capacity, ergonomic mounting on the side surface are other advantages in use. For the right rail selection, the load amount to be carried, the opening rate, the length criteria must be known. The application can be opened either unilaterally or bilaterally depending on the location. Telescopic rails can be opened at 75%, 100% and +100% of the length of the Rail closed state. According to the load size they will carry, there is a load carrying capacity between 35 kg and 277 kg. It is made of steel and stainless steel material. We have a variety of features such as soft shut-off, automatic shut-off, and self-shut-off that respond to different demands of the user. You can contact our expert team for more information and professional answers to your questions.

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