Welding studs, in a short period of time, the stud to be welded to the surface with the force of the spring is pressed and two parts in a very short time by melting the surfaces of the event occurs; the stud is attached to the surface. There is no need for drilling or pre-preparation on the surface. In general, the surface should be clean. Fast is a method that leaves no trace of welding behind the sheet metal and reduces production time and cost as it creates a strong connection. Work can be done on one side of the material, there is no need to work on the back side of the material and it does not deform the back side of the material. It can be used in various metals such as steel, sheet, stainless, aluminum. It can be applied to minimum 0.6 mm thick sheets. The application needs a special machine to do this work. The energy stored in the machine, whether contact or gap, completes the welding process by combining the stub and the main material in 1 to 3 milliseconds according to the induction of the welding current. It is used extensively in electricity board, industrial kitchen, elevator, heating and cooling sectors. You can also review our welding studs category and order any welding stud model to ease your workload and go into mass production.

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