Onurfix will be your solution partner with technological and innovative product groups in the press mounting elements used in different areas. Self clinching is divided into 3 basic groups: for soft materials, for hard materials, for fine metals. They are applied with press to holes drilled with drill or drill in soft materials. They can be applied to all hard materials that can be drilled. It is designed for applications to carbon steel, stainless steel and all metals. In broad sense, self clinching fasteners are a tool to eliminate burrs around the welding hole that can be applied to toothed, soft metal with a press. It merges with cold flow into the circular gap in the body. Serrated tooth is opened, after the fastener is applied to the material, eliminates rotation within the material. Thus they become a permanent part of the panel, chassis or other material they are mounted in. As a rule, self clinching should be defined for applications where the joints of the product can easily be moved, the nut can loose, and the hardware cannot be reached. Self clinching elements can be applied in metalworking process in applications where nuts and/or screws cannot be reached after mounting the chassis and cab. Simplifies and accelerates Assembly of the component. Thanks to their compact design and low profile, they create a more collective appearance. Onurfix, the leading company in the fasteners sector, is the right address to find the self clinching models you are looking for.

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