With its multi-stage satisfaction program, Onurfix has been providing you with a variety of nut rivets as the leading provider of fasteners sector. Rivet models with Onurfix nut produced with the principle of robustness and durability are manufactured from materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel. It can provide bonding for materials that are difficult to reach on the back surface without requiring any cutting process. Round body, six corner body and half six corner body models such as The Nut Rivet metric 3, metric 12 between the tightening intervals can combine many materials. It can be applied to hair from 0.25 mm to 10 mm thick. It is applied manually or by air machine to one of the parts to be joined. The nut Rivet helps you reduce labor costs and inventory costs with the possibility of series mounting. Onur assembly systems acting on the principle of quality first always 1.for 35 years you have been with the class products and installation systems solutions. You can review the types of nut rivets offered with Onurfix guarantee in our category and order the models you want.

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