Onurfix, easy to apply, can be used in different materials for clips; offers a wide range of metal and plastic types to the market. Clips are used as alternative connection solutions in different industries in order to reduce production costs and time and increase productivity. Fixing of wiring harnesses, pipes, hoses, protection of cables in hole passages, joining panels, cover clips for holes, joining of automotive parts, automotive upholstery, sound insulation works, production of office furniture, various models of clip-on engineering that are used in many different fields. designed to meet the needs easily. It is used successfully in various connection applications in automotive, white goods, electrical, electronics, furniture, heating, cooling, machinery manufacturing sectors. Onurfix contributes to your R & D processes with its wide stock variety, fast delivery, proven solutions, expert knowledge and support. We are ready to make sample studies with your R & D engineers in new product designs. In this way, we aim to help you with new, efficient and ergonomic products that you will offer to the market. You can always contact our expert team for more information and professional answers to your questions.

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