Onurfix, the leader of the fasteners sector, continues to expand its product range by incorporating hose clamps Group products. The types of handcuffs that offer practical solutions today offer a wide range of uses and robustness. Hose clamps Products Group heating-cooling systems, exhaust systems, occupant safety systems, steering systems, constant velocity joints, medical applications, white goods applications, can be used in different areas such as food and beverage systems. Our clamp types provide smooth compression and surface pressure at 360 degrees. Toothlook technology provides high resistance to pressure and expansion with very high and permanent compression rates. Increased ear width allows widening of the diameter range. We use high quality standard clamp products to ensure that each connection works properly in the long term. In this way, we always try to provide a safe and correct connection.. In order to protect the clamped parts against damage and prevent possible accidents during installation, Burr-free edges have a significant advantage over conventional edges. The safety hook on the clamps prevents unwanted opening. In this particular design, steps or overlaps on the inner perimeter of the clamp are eliminated. The “tongue and hollow” feature applies 360-degree pressure on mounted parts because the tongue fits into the cavity. This ensures that a complete radial force is continuously applied around the connection diameter of the clamp. The New CrossTech feature offers an ultra-low profile design to save space and reduce imbalance in Rotary parts. The original “ToothLock® feature, which locks with its teeth, offers fairly high and constant compression rates and exceptional expansion resistance, and is strong enough for the most demanding connections. Clamp group Our products include hose clamps with ears, low profile clamps, screw and Universal clamps, collapsible ring clamps, strap clamps and profile clamps. You can contact our sales representatives for more information about hose clamps Group products and find the best clamp model for your business.

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