Onurfix allows you to use the lock and hinge products that are accepted all over the world and used in everyday life. Technology and innovation with the strength we receive from our products are manufactured with a locking mechanism the most simple, electronic access solutions in many areas of your life, you can use: computer, server, network and telecom infrastructure, data centers, electric equipment, the health care industry, ventilation, industrial equipment, lighting, self-service, kiosks, point of sale, advertising screens, land, air, sea, rail, transportation, tools, etc. Cylinder, push, pull, cab, multi-position solutions, hinges, push-pull mechanisms, pull arms, cover screws are alternative solutions for different applications. Our range of locks, hinges and handles positively increases the end user's perception of your product. They provide the first positive impact on your products without compromising Optimum safety and safety. In today's intensely competitive business environment, the aesthetics and ergonomics of the product are effective in making the final purchase decision. Even relatively small details, such as Hinge and lock, are factors that cannot be ignored in the end user's purchase decision. The performance, appearance and feel of these products will affect your customer's perception of your company and products in the long term. For more information about what we can offer you, you can get help from our online customer representative.

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