The gas shock absorber or gas compression spring is a hydro-pneumatic adjusting member, which is essentially a closed unit comprising a piston rod, piston and pressure tube, filled with nitrogen and hydraulic oil for lubrication of the sealing and sliding surfaces. Gas shock absorbers make it easy to lift and lower machine covers, overhead lights, height-adjustable tables and hospital beds. In order to move exactly to the desired position, they must be adapted to the specific application and installation location. Gas springs offer special solutions that match specific functions for each situation. It is the task of gas springs to open, close, bend, lift and lower covers, tables, seats and beds. They provide controlled movements defined by precisely adapted speeds and frequency of operation. Gas shock absorbers are used in our daily life and industrial environment. They provide safety when lifting the trunk lids in our cars and assist in the quiet and easy movement of furniture lids in kitchen doors. It can also adjust the position of your favorite chair and bring your desk to an ergonomic working height. Lockable models guarantee maximum safety. It is also used for opening and closing gas shock absorbers, industrial covers, protective covers, maintenance covers and other machine components equipped for overloads such as dust, dirt and vibration. Comfort and safety are guaranteed in the controlled motion process. Suspa has developed SpaceMat special equipment for heavy-duty applications such as road machines, harvesters and industrial production lines. This lubrication system consists of a protective cover with integrated plastic foam (elastomer) wetted in a special liquid (oil). The elastomer surrounds the piston so that the lubricant is drawn into the micro-scratches on the surface of the piston rod by means of a capillary movement and a purpose lubricating effect is achieved. The cover is fitted to the gas damper pipe. With each movement of the piston rod, dust and dirt are wiped and the piston rod and the gasket are wetted with oil. SpaceMat also provides protection against corrosion in the chassis and thus extends the life of the gas springs. You can examine Gas Springs product range from our website and you can contact our sales consultants for information about dimensions and dimensions.

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