Onurfix does not compromise the multi-stage quality policy it has adopted for years and continues to offer you rivets in different lengths and diameters. The rivet is, in its simplest definition, the fastening element on one side which is attached to the surface by swelling on one side, which joins the two parts so that they cannot be dissolved. These fasteners are parts that are required to remain fixed at the place of installation. They can only be removed by deforming. It is used for joining the two materials as well as sealing them in some applications. It is mounted by passing to the prepared hole. As it is suitable for serial use, it reduces production time and reduces costs. It does not require additional capability because it is easy to apply. Rivets having a high number of alternative types according to their material, sheet metal, tensile-breaking forces used; is used in many different joining applications in many industries. It is possible to see rivet applications in many products that we use in our daily lives. The white goods used in our homes, the land, sea, air, railway vehicles, air-conditioning equipment, lighting, the shelves in the markets where we shop, the transformers providing electricity distribution, and the billboards used outdoors are among the first examples that may come to mind. They are cost-effective, easy-to-apply fasteners for assembling machines and articles that make our lives easier in the broadest sense. For more information about rivet types, please visit our categories or consult our sales representatives for detailed information

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