Onurfix was established in 1984 in Istanbul. The firm which was primarily engaged in the importation of hardware and technical materials in the foundation years, has subsequently decided to specialize in assembly systems and assembly equipments by anticipating that the production systems will be diversified following the industrial development in Turkey.

Onurfix, which introduced the industrial sector in Turkey for the first time with more technological and innovative products other than the usual assembly products such as screw and bolts after importing rivet nuts in 1987, has become an essential supplier of the producing companies by never compromising the quality of customer satisfaction and internalizing and sharing technical knowledge.

Onurfix, which exhibits a sensitive position on such issues as 
Quality product
Technical data
Product variety
Stock power
On-time delivery

which are needed in the design and production process of the products, regards itself as a part of the production process and a solution partner, not a seller. With its technological and innovative product group, Onurfix which enables the producers to produce faster and less costly production has adopted the principle of adding value to the institutions it works with.


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